WEEK 8, DAY 5 part 2: Don't cycle at lunch

So I've been on this whole "two workouts a day" kick. And I slept this morning. Which means I had to work out at night. Twice. Fuck that!

Why not do your bike on your lunch break? I thought. You can do 15 miles in an hour or less without pushing too hard.


What sucked the most about this ride? The wind! The lack of sunscreen! The forgotten water! The hills! Maybe I didn't eat enough beforehand. And I had to stop by my office to get water. Thank God only one colleague was there. Now I have to stay here late to make up my time. I'm cranky and sunburned and I will never ride at lunch again. My AMPH was under 12. UNDER 12?!!!!! Ahh well. There's always Sunday.

Power yoga tonight . . . release all the kinks! Build some strength! Say aaaaahhh!

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Ok...so...take a deep breath...yogic type. At least you tried it, right? Now you know that riding at lunch might not be the best option for you.

Back when I was in cubeville, I used to wonder how people were able to workout and get cleaned up before heading back to work. Then I got a wiff of one of them and figured out how they did it.

The Original MAJ said...

I showered . . . I promise! :D

todd said...

No snakes right? Still no snakes.

Thanks to our good friend Tea. I've found your new little corner of the web. I like very much. More please.

Duane said...

Hi! Tea sent me your way! Another future IM to follow!