WEEK 8, DAY 4: Some times one workout a day is enough

I woke up this morning at 5am and just couldn't get up. I needed the sleep more than I needed the workout. And, frankly, there are times when sleep > training. So, about once or twice a week, I give myself the freedom to smack snooze and either work out at lunch or only work out once that day. Sure, the fragmented rest I get smacking snooze between 5am and 6:45 isn't great, but it's better than nothing, especially the night after 2 monster workouts like yesterday's. Still, I haven't learned to shake the guilt I feel when I bag a workout for any reason.

I'm going to lunch with the girls from TGC today so I won't get a chance to work out at lunch. That means it's pretty much decided for me that I will work out once - tonight - and the plan is for a 4-mile run. Tomorrow my plan is yoga (or a swim) at night and a ride in the AM, and Saturday is an AM brick (swim/run) with the girls from http://www.tritraining.net/. Sunday I am probably just going to do yoga, although I could use an additional swim day. We'll see what I get done on Friday!

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