WEEK 8, DAY 3: On ur road bikez, destroyin ur hills and eatin ur 10k runs 4 brkfst

I got mad last night. Really mad. Blazing mad. Spitting mad. Cursing mad.

PR'ing mad.

So I slapped myself on my bike and road 20 miles. Of hills. That's right. The worst thing short of Clermont: Edgewood Ranch and Apopka Vineland. And then the little "bump" on Hiawassee. Two times each. Back to back. When I used to slow to 8mph I slowed to 10. My high speed was close to 30.

This morning: 5am wakeup call. Slept in till 20 of, but shoved myself out the door for my weekly long run. After all, they're only going to get longer. Now, I'd be really slow compared to your average "racer," but I PR'd at 10k distance today. My previous 10k PR was 1:17 and change at last year's Race for the Taste 10k and I ran this morning's at 1:13:11 - giving myself an error time of 1 minute since I used the Nike+ to track my distance and it can be a bit off. This puts my new 10k pace in the high 11 minute/mile range. Again, not speedy, but improvement. A PR IS A PR, NO MATTER HOW UGLY.

As I told Nate, I'm sick of being in the last 75% of the finishers. I am capable of respectable performance and my body needs the push to transform.

I may be having fun, but I'm done playing games.

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