Get mad, get tough, get it done

I had a rough afternoon. I was cooking along getting things done and then somehow around lunch time it all slowed down. I had a few rough conversations and ran a couple extra errands I didn't expect.

By about 4 I was ready for my 25 mile ride on Van Fleet. It drizzled which cooled down the steamy afternoon. This was my first longer ride with my aerobars and I can tell you I need more time in them because I was DESTROYED. The ride out was only a 15mph pace and the ride back was about 12. Not only that, but the half cup of soup and the half salad I had for lunch did NOT carry me through the ride and I bonked at the halfway mark despite two, 16-oz bottles of sports drink. The halfway mark!! I couldn't even make it 3/4 before I bonked.Admittedly, I had some things on my mind, so I might have been paying attention to them more than my ride.

So, as Tea would say I got mad, and I got it done, but as far as the bike ride, I somehow skipped the getting tough part.

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