WEEK 6 TRAINING DAY 2: You know you're a crazy triathlete when . . . .

So yesterday I ended up resting because it was originally scheduled that way and it was raining and lightening was too bad for me to go out with my cycling coach.

You know you're a crazy triathlete when you get up before dawn to meet 7 dudes in tight shorts who you don't know and swim from the dock of a house of a guy you don't know (except that he's the area Masters Swimming legend) to the other dock. And the round trip is almost a mile. And there are snakes and alligators in the lake. And a possible monster. And you personally almost kicked a turtle in the process.

And you loved it.

And you wished you had time for another 1000m swim.

And tonight you're going to go ride 15mi on your bike just because. And while you're out you might as well pick up your new shoes so you can go run a 5k and do an hour and a half yoga class tomorrow.

Everyone together now: [Deuce Bigalow]That's a crazy bitch![..Deuce Bigalow]

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