Wake and Lake

Wake up, wake up, wake up - it's the first of the month
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

It was a gorgeous morning at the lake today - a great day to splash'n'dash.

Marathon season starts in about 3 weeks, so I'm on maintenance right now. I got up and rolled on down to Lucky's Lake and swam a kilometer, then dashed off for a 2-mile run. Nothing special, just keeping things moving.

During a run, I always think about the most random stuff.   I'll be honest: a lot of the time I worry about how socially awkward I can be and wish I hadn't said some of the oddball shit that comes out of my mouth. I don't worry about important things, like the fact that the doctor still hasn't given me my scan results, or that dad now needs a defibrillator, or that Mom has 5 more months of chemo. You'd think I'd worry about things that matter, but no - I worry about things I say and What People Think About Me.

So I got to thinking about dumb stuff I said last night. Mind you, it was nothing earth-shattering - just odd and awkward.  But for some reason I caught myself going, why did you say that? that was so stupid.

And that's when I looked down at my arm.

The butterfly symbolizes my missing thyroid and the inscription reminds me not to obsess over what's already done. Say what you want about tattoos, this one has really served its purpose.

Never look back, huh.


I'll look forward.

What kinda day is this going to be?

A great one. Duh.

Ok,  let's go forward and make it happen.

(How can you not when you wake up to this little face?)

Happy June!!

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