Hooked on Harry's - one of
my favorite seafood joints
When I was in Saint Augustine this weekend, I kept saying "I need more vacations!"  I found myself being totes jelly of my girlfriend about to go on an 8-day trip to the Hamptons.

(Side note: don't you just HATE when people use random, celeb-inspired Twitter-isms like "totes adorbs," "jelly," and "cray-cray?!"!)

THEN when I was back in the office on Tuesday, and surrounded by so much work that I hardly got a chance to pee or eat for 4 days, I said, "I'm never taking a vacation ever again. "

(Really, I was still on vacation.  I can count on THIS many fingers how much training I've done since I've been back.)

On the dock at the Santa Maria
In retrospect, although I complain about never getting a "real" trip, I love my little weekend getaways.  They're cheap enough that I can see multiple places a year and stay training, and I don't have a week's mess to clean up at school and work. 
One of the UF construction projects -
rebuilding a historic building
(clearly, I am up to no good.)

But boy do I have a lot of school and work this week.  

Here are some pics to help me get back in the vaycay state of mind.

Look Ma! 
I'm a Conquistador!

One of St. Augustine's little alleys

Me at the Lightner Museum near Flagler College
  Torro! A view from a balcony at the Columbia restaurant

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