Double The Fun . . .

My goals for the year were as follows:

Swim 120,000 yds (12,000/month OR 3,000/week)
Ride 70+ miles per week (280/month)
Run 10+ miles per week (40/month)

So here is how my actuals stack up so far!!

March's totals:
Bike: 3h 27m 11s - 60.33 Mi March has only been "on" for 7 days, so this isn't too far off
Run: 1h 32m 21s - 7.47 Mi This is just sad.  I should pick it up.
Swim: 2h 45m 23s - 6400 Yd This is ridiculous!
So, what you can see from March's numbers is that I really have a swim focus, because most of my time is dedicated to that.

2012 totals
Bike: 34h 25m 59s - 600.04 Mi 
Run: 7h 25m - 38.84 Mi
Swim: 10h 12m - 24000 Yd
Strength: 1h 05m
Yoga: 3h 55m

Double the Workouts, Double the Fun
And what you can see from so far this year is that I really need to run more and do strength more consistently!
Basically, the swim is going to take care of itself, but I need to focus on getting slightly longer or more frequent runs and possibly 1 more ride a week.

Which means . . .

It's about the time of the plan . . . .

To get serious about


I don't normally worry much about two-a-days for a sprint, but with my focus turning to whatever IronMAJ 70.3 I end up creating, it will definitely need to come into play.

I always grumble about things that aren't terribly pleasant (long pool swims, two-a-days), but then when they WORK . . . .

Not so much grumbling occurs.

Plain and simple: hard work gets results.

The next order of business is creating The iMAJination 5k, to be held in April.  I'm sure I'll tell you all about it, but I already have one participant lined up! 

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Molly said...

Two a days are fun!!! At least for me they are an excuse to eat more :) Great job on all the swimming!

Alili said...

Way to be a fishie!

The Original MAJ said...

Molly - yes! haha! Always good to have an excuse to eat more.

Thanks Ali :)