BLOGS: 12 You Should Read in '12

I originally started blogging for several reasons.  One was to keep me straight as I trained; the accountability was important, and my original tri mentor told me it was important to get my goals written out.  And one was because I like to write and wanted to become a better writer.  And another was because I liked the other bloggers a lot.
So, for 2012, I am going to do 2 things: one is share some of my old writings with you so I can inspire myself to get back into "writing" to actually write (and try to improve at it).  Maybe there will be something that sparks a creative flame.

The second is this: I'm going to share a list of 12 people I follow, and why you should follow them too.  (Hint: you'll notice the theme of balancing "real" life with "tri" life is common!)  There's something for everyone here - whether you're trying to juggle a social life with training, parenthood with your own hobbies, or learning what it's like to be yourself for the first time in years.

  • Although it focuses on the fantastic accomplishments of her training (HELLO! Ironman much?!?!), Molly's blog is always full of ridiculously cute pics of her "beardie boys," the bearded collies she raises and shows.  (She recently added a St. Bernard puppy and he . . is . . ADORABLE.)  Follow along as they bark, bounce, and run.

  • A Code Geek's Tail
    Check your ego at the door.  Not only is Wes capable of spinning a killer race report, he's also one of the most "real" people on "teh interwebs."   He is the antithesis to the obsessed triathlete - he loves life, and he balances training, coaching soccer games, eating, and drinking all with such zest and wit that you can't help but love him.

    140 Point 6 Miles...Of Awesome!!
    KC has had an amazing journey through the world of Ironman.  One of my favorite things about KC's blog: gear reviews!  Also: I can't tell you how many other amazing athletes whose blogs I've found because KC follows them or they follow KC.  (KC's blog was nominated for one of the Top Blogs of 2011).

    Running down a dream and Tri-ing to have a good time
    Speaking of balance . . . Alili's latest challenge is figuring out how to balance new motherhood with a career and triathlon.  One of the latest introductions into her life (besides her toddler) is dance.  Alili is positive, grateful, and upbeat.  She has also struggled with some thyroid issues very similar to mine recently.

    Run Bitch Run
    Isn't the title funny enough?  RBR's blog is not for those lacking a sense of humor or afraid of the occasional f-bomb.  Whether it's a ridiculously full race schedule (marathons and trail runs and ultras, oh my!) or the people who annoy her at work, this is the place to go for a hearty chuckle.

    Prepare to be inspired.  Duane started out tri-ing to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose a significant amount of weight.  Along the way, he has been completing triathlons, getting closer to his goal, and learning a lot about himself.   He is a fantastic, caring, and positive individual who spedns a great deal of his time encouraging others to be healthier, too.

    Everything Good
    Tea is the first blogger I read who made me realize that any situation could be fun and funny (and she inspired me to learn how change fonts and colors.)  A mom, triathlete, marathoner, and business owner, over the years, her blog (like mine) has seen many incarnations.  One thing remains unchanged: her posts are always unique, insightful, and interesting.
    My little corner of the internet ...
    Marlette is not a triathlete.  Marlette is, however, a young lady who has had a lot of interesting experiences moving back and forth from Florida to New York and exploring issues of living live and promoting equality.  (She did just get her first road bike, so there's hope she may tri some day.  I'm working on her.)

    Discom-BOB-ulated Running
    BoB's a feisty Floridian who is pretty much always running and laughing.  One of the things I love about her blog is that she admits she used to be your typical 20-something party girl.  Now, while she is still a knockout in a cute outfit, she is an accomplished athlete who still finds time for a cocktail with friends every now and then.  How can you not love that?!!?

    Heather Stanford, Professional Mom
    Remember when I said that some of you could relate to balancing motherhood with your own hobbies?  While I haven't succeeded in convincing her to do a tri (yet - she hates swimming), she does like to run.  One of my favorite recent entries focuses on how to be a positive body-image model for your daughters.

    Working it out...
    Karen is not only a serious triathlete, she's a tennis player, too.  (Talk about balancing.)  Her blog is full of fun giveaways from her sponsors, awesome race reports, and the occasional blurb about food.  Since I like all of these things, I follow her regularly.  (Oh, by the way . . . she just issued a 70.3 fitness challenge).

    Kyle's blog is very new, but he has a lot of potential.  He's a younger guy who attended one of the schools where I TA and RA.  Kyle is trying to qualify for the Ironman World Championships - he went from being inactive and overweight to an 18-minute 5k.  Yowza.  I found Kyle through my friends at Cat One Fitness and Central Florida Cycling.


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    Molly said...

    Awww! Thanks for thinking of us!! I read some of these but I don't know some of the others so I will have to check them out!

    Karen said...

    MAJ - thank you so much! I have a few ne wblogs to check out now :)