Flashback Friday: 2006-7 Year in Review

Thought this one was appropriate for the new year!

2006-2007 . . . the year in review

Yes, I know. Most people save their "year-in-review" posts untilthe New Year. But I just can't succumb to the wiles of convention. Convention?What's convention? I laugh in the face of convention! I thumb my nose attradition! (This coming from someone who just spent Thanksgiving weekendwith her family, believes in thank you cards and sends money home to herparents. Yeah right.)

Anyway, it seemed like a good time to review my year.

It's my birthday . . . I've been alive another 365 days, for which I have been grateful every single 24 hours. So, we'll roll the clock back to November 29, 2006 . . . I was working at a large TV network. I had left my husband. No one knew - except 2 friends and 1 acquaintance. I was going to school. I wastraining for my first half marathon. December came - I ran my first half marathon. January through March I spent pretty sick . . . trying new medicines, feeling sick, gaining weight, losing weight, training, not training. The tests started to come back negative for cancer and positive for some other things  .March, I did my first triathlon. April, I did my 2nd - and DNF'd. May, I did my3rd. June, I did my fourth. July, I took an offer at a startup software firm and started workingtowards the divorce; I also set a 5k PR. August, I did my 5th tri and won myage group - then went back to school. September, I rested. October, I trainedand worked my face off, and did the Jacksonville Half - my second halfmarathon. I dropped one class.

And that brings us back to November - two of my friends got married, I spent all my time with my best pals, I ran the Philly Marathon and here I am. 28. Another year older, maybe not the wiser, but certainly older.

It's been a fun ride. I'm looking forward to 30. And 40. Maybe not so much 50, but we'll see how I feel about that once 40 comes around. I have a feeling I'll enjoy it all. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes. It's been an amazing year.

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