MAJsicle 2012

It’s no secret that I’m a ‘Droidhead.  I love the user interface, the software, the equipment, and the open market.  And one of the things I love about Android software releases? They have the coolest names. My last Android phone had an operating system called Gingerbread. The next incarnation is called Ice Cream Sandwich. Yum!  

About 2 years ago, I decided that I needed to re-invent myself. I called this iMAJination of myself MAJ, v3.1.2. What I discovered today as I reflected on this old blog entry is this: for the first time in my life, every single one of the goals I set forth for myself for 2012 were completed.
And I did it in the face of some giant odds.
Which means the next iMAJination is really gonna kick some ass.
The specific goals I set forth for MAJ, version 3.1.2, were: 
  1. getting the thyroid biopsy (done – unfortunately, we know the result was malignant, but we also now know I’m currently in the clear.)
  2. getting the house sold (done!)
  3. getting my self-confidence back (well underway!)
  4. eating healthy again (also well underway – ask me about the upset tummy I had all night from all the rich food this season. Apparently I’ve been eating SO healthy that the holidays give me a tummyache)
  5. working out like I used to (both of the above to help lose weight in addition to feeling better and eventually train again) I’ve done so well with this one that I’ve actually DOUBLED my workout stats from last year
  6. graduate (done, and then some)
  7. take the GRE (done TWICE, and then some)
  8. get promoted again  (well, I didn’t accomplish this one, but I DID get a WAY better job, so we’ll say DONE)
  9. oh, and keep things straight with the guy (this one will never be accomplished unless I get a new dude altogether so we’ll bypass it for now.)

I need to figure out what the next version of MAJ needs to accomplish.  Plus it needs to have a cool Droidy name.
How about MAJsicle?  I'm not a big fan of creamsicles, or dreamsicles (or whatever you know them as), but it sounds cool.  And tasty.  And refreshing.
So while I ruminate on what the goals will be for the MAJsicle Revision, here are a couple of parting thoughts:
I am inviting all my girlfriends to make a pact with me for 2012.  The pact is this: we will try to make this version of ourselves the best to date.  Instead of writing resolutions, we are sitting down to determine who do I want to be?  Then, in times of self-doubt, fear, difficulty or worry, we are going to remind each other to ask, "is this what the old me would do, or what the NEW me would do?"

I have ended 2011 with over 100,000 yards swam, over 1800 miles ridden, and almost 500 miles ran.  While individually these are not a lot in some areas, they represent more than double the volume at which I trained in 2010.
2011 totals

Bike: 117h 28m 47s - 1889.05 Mi
Run: 101h 35m 37s - 466.65 Mi
Swim: 45h 36m 41s - 100363.7 Yd
Strength: 15h 35m
Stretching: 10m 20s
Walking: 3h 20m
Yoga: 1h 35m 20s

2010 totals
Bike: 40h 31m 45s - 521.17 Mi
Run: 38h 27m 36s - 153.64 Mi
Swim: 8h 55m 04s - 14400 Yd
Strength: 5h 02m
Run: 55m 33s

Do yourself a flavor (you decide what to call it) and hop on over and read this great article shared with me by a Tri Friend.  You'll thank me.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Karen said...

Whoa MAJ - you really loged some serious miles this year - congratulations! Can't wait to see what MAJsicle does in 2012 :) thanks for the link to the true.

B.o.B. said...

i love it! very cool idea. i could use an upgrade myself. especially in the dude department. or maybe i'll just get another dog. lol!

happy new year!

sarajane said...

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