The Daquiri Deck Tropical Splash 2.5k Swim Report aka Ya Can't Have it All

Before I move on to the report for the 2.5k Tropical Splash, I have to add that I can't get over how cool it was that we got this trophy for raising the most for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida.  Over $12,000 was raised, so over 160 families can stay at the RMC House thanks to the team from Seminole Cyclists and David's World Cycle.  I can honestly say I was taught most of what I know about cycling from this group.  It was an amazing experience.
Now, on to the swim.


I know I said I was only looking at this event as a "practice."  Initially I was going to do the 5k swim, remember?  But I decided, since I already did 2.5 miles in August, it wasn't necessary to train hard for it.  So, I told myself, I'll just go for a little fun swim and see what I can do at shorter distance.

And then I didn't have dinner until almost 10pm the night before thanks to a big miscommunication.
And then the pavilion I thought the event was starting from wasn't the right pavilion.
And my sherpa left me alone in the dark to go to the gas station for a drink and restroom based on the idea that it was the right one.
And I didn't get to be in the cute pre-race photos.
And then my timing chip strap started to come off during the start.
And I also underestimated my ability to aggressviely start a swim race.

So, instead of taking me 1 hour, it took me 1:07.

And - I'm not done yet - then swimsuit pictures were taken.  Not in our cute team shirts - mind you, I missed those thanks to the pavilion mishap.  In swimsuits.  Wet and bedraggled.

And one of the Super Skinnies (well, everyone but me is one of these) says, "make sure you take it from the side so we look better."

I'm thinking, ok, YOU look better because you're all of a size 2.  Women who occasionally wear a size in the double digits but have a small waist-to-bust ratio do NOT.

This is more or less what I look like in REAL life

I'm all sweaty.  My super-snug suit (say that 3 times real fast) is super snug because it is more comfortable in the lake to help avoid the "swim rash" the water gives us from chafing and just open water in general.  And my fat is peeking out every corner imaginable.  I don't even have a face in these pictures . . . . I have a squinty, rasin-like object, covered in greasy-stringy rope, perched atop a blob of what you would never know is a low-body-fat, large-breasted, small-waisted, size 8/10 body.
Needless to say, my morning was pretty much ruined.
Seriously, how could I be mad? This was my view

So later on we had a few beers and watched football and ate snacks and just enjoyed being together.    My bike is getting checked up from the crash and a new chain and cassette, and even though it will cost me a bunch, it will be worth it.  With this amazing view from my hotel and a great weekend of dinners and beautiful surroundings, I pretty much let all my grudges go.

After all, you can't have it all.

And considering I've PR'd and reached milestones all year . . .  I'd say I have come pretty close.

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