Grumpy Pants and Old Berries

I ran 13 miles today.

That in and of itself is not terribly remarkable.  People run half marathons and half-marathon-distance every day. And I just sat on a bike for 6 hours, so running for less than half that time isn’t a huge deal, either.  Granted, this was my longest run since February, but I’ve worked up to it.  Nothing huge.

I did, however, plan to go 14 – and even thought at one point that I went 15.     I thought I was really moving (for me, anyway!) and even thought I was setting a mini-PR at the 13th mile mark.

And then I came home and found out I only went 13. 
Smashed Droid

See, my Droid, which was already dying a slow death, got dropped from a bike going about 19 a few weeks back.  It looks something like this, although I’m unable to show you a picture of the ACTUAL smashed Droid because I’ve been relying on a very, very, very old Blackberry (one of the original ‘Berries) which has no camera, terrible mobile web, and – possibly the worst part – NO GPS. 

Old 'Berry
(How did we live without all these conveniences?)

So, before I went out and ran my planned 14 this morning, I had to go on Gmap Pedometer and track a route down that was 14 miles.  I’ve always had great luck with Gmap Pedometer, but the route seemed a little light.  When I hit the turnaround, I saw the time on my watch and figured, I still have some time, let me go longer.

Good thing I did . . . got back, double-checked the route . . . just over 13 miles.  If I hadn't gone longer, I wouldn’t have even made it a half marathon.  Instead, I got all excited thinking I'd run over 14 miles at my 10-mile race pace.

Major case of the Grumpy Pants.

Ahh, well! IronMAJ training continues . . . feeling good as the runs get longer and looking toward 15 or 16 next week.

In the meantime, I really need a new phone.  To go along with the new wheels.  All my equipment needs replacement this year!

This Saturday, I am signed up for the Daquiri Deck Ocean Swim.  I don't really consider this a race.  I had originally planned to do the 5k, but since I've already done 2.5 miles and my swimming took a backseat to riding, I chose to jump down in distance.  I do 2000-3000 swims regularly, so this will be just a fun swim for me, to keep working on my openwater skills and ocean familiarity.  Then, a few nice days in a beautiful place with the B. 

I have lots of exciting news on the career front, but I'm keeping that under wraps . .  just for now :)

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