Today is the first day of the rest of my training plan

Honestly, I was shocked at this week's plan (and its extremely low volume), but when the coaches agreed with it, I rolled with it.

I'm already glad.

This morning's workout was originally scheduled as a brick, but poor Ruby hasn't been out on the road in a week, so I didn't realize her tires were desperately in need of air.  The extra couple minutes it took for me to fill them cut out my run time - which is fine, because I already have two mini-bricks later this week.

This is what this early plan is all about.  Building up my efficacy and ability slowly.  So there's no need to get all crazy-like the first day of my workout back.

The weather was brisk - about 48 degrees - so I threw on a compression tee and tights under my jersey.  And, in a bold move, I opted NOT to wear my cycling shorts over my tights.  (I do this sometimes on short rides to develop what I call SST - Skinny Seat Tolerance.) 

After that, there isn't much to report . . . averaged about 15.2 mph, didn't get stuck at many stoplights, and except for the holyfuckmyfingersarefreezing sensation caused by forgetting my gloves, it was an ab-so-lute-ly perfect little ride.
Later on in the evening I had a delicious piece of venison and some fresh spinach, and as a special treat I made tiny potatoes.  I think I've expressed my general apathy about carbs in general, but I've made a serious effort lately to eat veggies instead of starches.  I have to say, the overall experience of eating only veggies is more satisfying than including a traditional "carb." 

They taste about 1000 times
better than they look!
Since I'm helping the B work on his eating as well, and since he frequently looks for some type of dessert after dinner, I made whole-wheat, bittersweet-chocolate-chunk cookies.  You'd never know they were also low fat and lower sugar.  Even this non-carb, non-sweet fan gave them 2 thumbs up. 

Tomorrow I think I'm supposed to meet with the math tutor for more GRE-approved goodness.  I've been hitting the vocabulary SUPA HARD (in fact, if I weren't so tired, I'd be using some of my fascinating new words to write this blog.)

Tomorrow is another day.

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Karen said...

Nothing better than an unexpectedly easy training week :)