Float Like a Butterfly . . . .

On Sunday, I'm going to do something I've never done before.  

I'm going to run a marathon in costume.  

See these bad boys?  Purple is for global cancer awareness and the butterfly is for thyroid awareness in general.

So, I'm not going to RUN a marathon on Sunday, I'm going to FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY.

Today I did a 1.5-hour run, with some walking.  The legs are definitely feeling better.  It's hard to move fast, but I'm hoping with rest and ice and stretching and foam rolling this week I can pick up the pace in the next 7 days.

That's another lesson I've learned . . . . at least one training day per week should be dedicated to stretch, foam rolling, yoga, etc.

I have a lot to do this week - grades are due, a speech is due, math homework is due, research is due . . . yesterday I got totally hijacked for the 3rd weekend in a row by the B . . . he locked his keys in his car (which cannot be jimmied open) and he was 80 miles away.  So I lost an entire 5 hours of my day including travel, meeting, etc.

You just gotta keep on keepin' on!

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