Wow! Check This Out!

Here are stats on the total training spent over the last few months.  Look at these increases - October isn't even through and I've torched September's run and swim distances.

August (bike, run, swim)
66.23 Mi - 5h 01m 05s

9.43 Mi - 2h 13m 37s
2700.00 Yd - 1h 17m 15s

217.54 Mi - 16h 16m 01s
18.80 Mi - 6h 26m 16s
3700.00 Yd - 2h 40m 34s

109.90 Mi - 9h 20m
23.67 Mi - 6h 07m 41s
5150.00 Yd - 3h 19m 12s

No wonder I'm improving.  Big shout-out to the coaches on Beginner Triathlete for their hard work.

That's all I got tonight.

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