Good news and bad

The good . . .

Today I found out that I am a "B" rider with the Seminole Cyclists Club.   I was beside myself.  I was positive I was a C rider at best, but guess what?  The pace at which I once rode a sprint-distance ride BALLS OUT is now a pace I can hold comfortably for 34 miles. AND THEN go run over 3 miles.

The bad . . .

Today I also learned that yet another very dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer, and one of the things that struck me was how little I knew about her type of cancer.

We need to be aware of, and support efforts to end, ALL types of disease. So, I thought I would educate myself by reading up on the questions, facts and figures published by the American Cancer Society. If you follow that link, you can too. You can also check out the Mayo Clinic link.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'd like to make a suggestion: instead of wearing or buying something pink to show your support, instead show your support by making a donation to the American Cancer Society.  It will go much farther to show your support - perhaps even help someone get transportation to treatment.

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Alili said...

Thumbs up MAJ. And I agree with the donation comment. I'm tired of pink - cancer comes in all colors.