I can rest one more day if I like. I went BALLS OUT, So I May.

After the race Saturday, I discovered a few things about where I can go from here. I know what I'm capable of, too: the times I posted this weekend were better than, or comparable to, my times at 5-20 pounds lighter. That means, as I keep losing weight, I'm only going to get faster. It means, not only can I place in the top 30% of my age group this year, I can do better if I work hard.

But I also know what I need to work on.

  1. On the swim: just keep swimming! As long as I'm getting in those drills and focusing on my form and getting out into the ocean regularly, I'll improve. The swim is a slow road (as many wiser, more experienced athletes always tell me.)

  2. On the bike: consistent pace across terrain/wind, and training in higher heart rates.

  3. On the run: training in higher heart rates . . . . and??!?!? WTF.
I looked over my running history this weekend, and I realized that I've gotten SLOWER over the last 5 years, and nothing's gotten me back to my PR paces. My first Half Mary was my fastest, and I haven't run a 10.5/mile 5k in about 2 years. I used to dream of 9's, but at this point I would flip backwards to run a 12-minute mile.

So, I've chosen my run-focused plan correctly . . . . now to make it work for me.

That's gonna be the fun part.

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Wes said...

losing weight is free speed with running as well. The running coaches will tell you. Strength, then speed. Welcome back, MAJ...

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