MAJ, version 3.1.2

A long time ago, I used to know that, if I wanted to change something in my life (even something as complex and deep-rooted as my own philosphy/personality), all I had to do was want it . . . . and then do it. I don't see why that can't still be the case.

Tonight I had dinner with Al, and the biggest topic of dinner was The Master Plan. (I call it MAJ, v. 3.1.2) You know how, when software designers release a new version of something, they make it bigger, better, faster, and smarter? Some times there isn't an entirely new version but a tweak on a previous release - that's MAJ v. 3.1.2.

Where, you might ask, did I come up with 3.1.2?

Well, I figure, since I've been an adult, there have been at least 3 complete attempts to remake myself. I've spent 3 years in triathlon. And I'm working on my 3rd long-term relationship. There's a buncha 3's for ya.

But I'm really not trying to stop being triathlete, change my relationship status or remake myself - just tweak things. So there comes the .1 - I'm not really creating an entirely new version, just adjusting some stuff.

And the .2? Well, that just sounded cool.

I know that I already have the tools I need, inside me and within my support group of astounding friends, to get where I need to go. To be who.what I want.need to be. I just need to look at my Master Plan and then take a little chunk out of it every day.

The Master Plan includes:

  • getting the thyroid biopsy
  • getting the house sold
  • getting my self-confidence back
  • eating healthy again
  • working out like I used to
  • (both of the above to help lose weight in addition to feeling better and eventually train again)
  • graduate
  • take the GRE
  • get promoted again
  • oh, and keep things straight with the guy
That's a lot to chew on.

But, as my dad likes to ask me, how do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.
Daily bites, that is.

My daily bites on the big goals? Get to work on time, take the stairs instead of the elevator like I used to, make at least a few attempts a week to work out, eat a regular breakfast and turn in my homework on time. Those are little things I can do every day. I've already got the house listed, the endocrinologist has been called about the biopsy follow-up, and the guy will take care of himself. I have done this before. I know how to do it all.

It's not MAJ v. 4.0. It's the existing me . . . just more efficient.

I graduate next semester. Thank God! 2 classes this semester, 3 in fall, the GRE and I'm on to grad school.

Triathlon is on hiatus. I can't justify entry fees when I need the money for new glasses, a new phone, a new apartment, etc. I guess being financially responsible is an unspoken part of the Master Plan. Anyway, all I am worried about now is getting back into physical routines. Like when I was at mom's. Now the crap is almost out of my chest - Monday I did a 10-mile ride on the trainer, 18mph average. Short but sweet. My goal this week is 3 workouts.

Right now I just want to make it through the day, and there's so much going on that I don't have the emotional energy for more. But I will take what I can handle.

That's a far cry from "I want it all delivered on a platter in 30 minutes or less and it better be hot or I want it free."

That's MAJ v.3.1.2.

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