PCFtR, Day 4: While the mom's away, the cats will play

This is what the cats have been up to without me. :)

Just got back from a just-over-4-mile run. (Click the link to see my route in Gmap Pedometer.)

It was an awesome run. The whole way out is uphill, so it's always more challenging, but the way back is downhill, so I can just let it fly. The neighbor dog, Toby (left) runs with me all the way.

The rest of my workout was:

3x15 crunches
3x15 4-way crunch w oblique twist
3x10 pushups
3x10 lunges (each leg)
3x15 plie squats

I love my parents and all, but they drive me nuts some times. Also, I miss this
And, I'm not gonna lie. I miss BBE. (I've decided he's no longer New Guy. He's been around long enough I'll just start referring to him as Best Boyfriend Ever. He's the one that took the uber-cute pics of the cats having a good time!)
We're going into town today, so that should cure some of my cabin fever.

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