PCFR, Day 3 - Shitty Run

Here's an elevation graph of yesterday's run.

Today's run was just . . . shitty. Here, in no particular order, are the reasons it pissed me off:
  1. It rained on me halfway through. Being that I was wearing a Moving Comfort bra and a silky-smooth Dri-Fit tee, I was a poster child for nipple-itis. It rained yesterday, but the tee I wore wasn't so smooth.
  2. Because of the rain, I only made it about 2.5 miles (see graph)
  3. I walked a LOT of it.
  4. I was sore from yesterday's strength workout. Yesterday's strength workout was wuss-tacular.
  5. My legs felt like lead. Once I did get them to cooperate . . .
  6. My lungs and heart were not working with me. My heart rate wouldn't settle and my breathing was off.
  7. My breakfast was a little too heavy.

Just for comparison, to the right is a graph of the usual elevation on a 3.8-mile run at home.

More later.

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