Marathon Training, Week 5 (I think?!?!?!?!)

I haven't posted in a few days, because I haven't much to share til now. I haven't been able to run since the 10k as I've been plagued by this respiratory thing. Still waking up feeling steamrolled. I'm totally snotsville, with a raw throat, coughing and blowing my nose like a little kid. Sexy, huh?

Good news: I got my final project done at school. Test is on December 2 I think. Only 2 more weeks of school after Thanksgiving. I probably will not take classes next semester. Instead of adding more things to my plate, I want to just maintain . . . work, train, rinse, repeat. Research new cities and PhD programs. Etc.

Good news?: I may be able to do both St. Anthony's and FL 70.3 next year, which means I will be almost to my goal of 3 Half Ironman races. Keep your fingers crossed.

Bad? news: the endocrinologist found what he's pretty sure is a nodule on my thyroid today. More tests and a re-visit in 6 weeks, but the bump is pretty big, and a nodule frequently indicates thyroid disease. He also thinks I might be insulin-resistant (hypoglycemic). This is not the news everyone would want, but I'm kind of excited about the prospect of actually solving some more of my daily woes. Now that I'm only down to 3 medications (2 if you don't count the NuvaRing - Toprol and Zoloft), the idea that a correct diagnosis and only 1 or 2 more medications might finally get me stabilized? BEYOND exciting.

Miscellaneous: This is going to sound mean, but I wish Kona the dog was in Hawaii like the Ironman. He's on this kick of crying in his crate at night until he falls asleep and every morning if I don't get him up by 7. That may sound late to you, but my schedule now has me coming in at 10, so I have a almost 2 more hours to sleep. He's always done this, but it hasn't been such a problem until now when I don't feel good and have been waking up mysteriously at midnight or 1am almost every night and not getting back to sleep until 3 or 4. So, I'm trying some new things - he gets to sleep with me now (still in his crate, but in my room.) I think he'll go back downstairs because he drives me even crazier upstairs. I'm also trying to give him more space, slowly, by letting him stay in a bathroom today while I'm gone. This is my 4th or 5th attempt at this - wish me luck. But between him and just waking up randomly in the middle of the night, I am not really sleeping.

My goal is to start running again this week. Wish me luck.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

That would be awesome to do both St Anthony's and IMFLA. I hope someday I can do St.A's.

Good news on the health front. I can tell you are better (emotionally) from your writing. ;)

CCP said...

Wow, a lot had gone on. You can tell I've fallen off the face of the planet in my own little pity party ;)

Yay on training! You are doing so fabulous!!

Here's some advise on Kona(albeit unsolicited so ignore if it is aggrivating): I have a 4 yr. old male pitbull who did the same thing. I couldn't figure out why he was so upset when crated until I spoke with a behaviorist who said that dogs don't like crates, it is unatural to them and scary. So I started small and kept him in the laundry room while I was gone (he suffered from seperation anxiety and chewed on the door moldings hence the crating). Every day I'd put a Kong stuffed with peanut butter & then frozen overnight in with him along with water, bed and another toy. Within a month he was able to have run of the whole house without destroying anything.

I still do the peanut butter kong thing and hide cookies throughout the house to keep him occupied. On days that I know a storm is coming, I'll put on Food Network for him to watch (strange as it sounds, he loves it!).

I also swing by the house mid-day to let him out. But I live close enough where I can do that. A dog walker would work just as well and help him burn off any anxiety. But this can be prohibitive and costly...

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Hopefully it helps:)

Molly said...

Hope you are feeling's been a while since your last post so I hope you are doing OK!