Marathon Training, Week 4 - Who's Driving This Truck and Will They PLEASE STOP RUNNING ME OVER?!?!?!?

Who the fuck is driving this truck, and when will they stop running me over?

For the 3rd morning in a row, I woke up feeling like every muscle and bone in my body had been steamrolled. My throat is raw and I'm sniffly.

Tonight I don't feel as bad as I did last night - I even missed class - but I don't know if I'll run. I don't want to push it like I did a few weeks back and end up sicker. And that's my frustrating-ass story. Because, really . . . . this week was supposed to be "on target" . . . and it's not.
I'm cranky.

I'm also cranky because I look totally retarded in the race pics from the 10k. Wubsy saw them and said . . .

Are you ready for this?

"Now that's an experienced runner!"
And I said, "WTF does that mean?"

"Only someone who's been doing this a long, long time would actually pose for the paps as they were running by."

Also, notice how I look like I'm not even moving in the closeups, but when they catch me in the very back, I'm hauling ass.

Why can't people take a picture of me when I'm actually moving?

Oi. Shoot me. (This is where the "lol" smiley goes.)

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

I think your pics look good. Ya know? Hope you feel better ASAP :-) {real smiley face}

Tea said...

I thought the pictures were really, I just looked at my IM CDA pictures. Goodness.goodness.goodness. I forgot how sick I was. There's one where I look like I'm going to fall off my bike sideways.

Anyhoo....LURVE the pix. You really do look like a runner. I just look like I'm in pain. :)

I hope you get better soon. AK's been sick for 21 days now. ugh.