So you know I'm big on this whole idea of things happening for a reason, being meant to be, etc. Well, I got the second big sign today that I've had in a loooong time. Ya might wanna run now(pun intended) if you think this is all a buncha hoodoo.

I have my last tri of the year -Miami Man, an Oly, in November - which I'm training only to finish on a wing and a prayer. I've been tossing around the idea of deferring foreeeever because I've been so ill and mentally strained. A few weeks ago, the tri club coach calls and tells me that Nationals next year (which I *think* I earn automatic exemption into because of this year but not sure!! could be wrong!!) is going to be . . .

in Alabama.------------->
My parents live in Alabama.-------------->
You know, that place there?-------------->
I got sick. I lost the message. I got depressed. I lost hope. I was running or cycling like once a week.
Fast forward to this week. Two mini-runs with the Ko-Dawg have gone very well, and there may be a third tonight. My new work schedule is much more permissive of a 2-4 hour workout session pre-work. I'm feelin' kinda punchy. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna rock this Oly with only 4 weeks of hard training. My coach sez, "You have a strong training base," and he ain't kiddin'. Also, I'm down all seven pounds of baby weight.

And it's no secret that the last few months have been some of the darkest of my life. I need a boost. Every night when I come home from work (except when I do homework or run Kona) I'm slumped over the couch frowning. The animals are all looking at me like "Excuse me WTF R U Doin? Rnt U Almst A Natl Champ? U Shld B Like Famus Or Smthn?!! I Mean WTF?"
Then I open my email this evening and see this mailer from the local running store where I moonlighted last summer:
That runner? Down in the lower right hand corner? In the UCF shirt and Track Shack visor? Smilin'? Lookin' all fat 'n' sassy?
Holy shit. THAT'S ME.
Me looks happy!
Me looks fabulous!
Me looks like a REAL runner!
Me needs to use proper grammar cause me is getting very annoyed!
So I say to myself . . . .
self . . .
Excuse me WTF R U DOIN?
'Cuz seriously . . . if I looked good enough to make e-press . . . it must make me pretty freakin' happy.
which means . . .
I should be doin' this more often.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

Damn straight! You are a runner. You are a triathlete. I'd definitely chillax a bit. You want to plan your race season next year with cold calculated resolve :-)

just sayin...

Unknown said...

Hey MAJ,

How you been?