I suspect there's an equation here somewhere . . . .

The new routine:
  • Wake up at the same time I used to.
  • Curl up and try to sleep for another hour.
  • Fail (mostly because of Kona's incessant whining).
  • Get up and take Kona to the bathroom. (Unlike the other animals in the house, he is not smart enough to understand a "variable schedule" - e.g., weekends I'm up before 8, weekdays I'm up before 6, if I'm sick I'm up around 7, with my new schedule I can sleep as late as 8:30 . . . and some days I Just Do What I Want. How hard is that, anyway???)
  • Take Kona to McDonald's drive-through for iced coffee.
  • Laugh at him getting in the back seat to stick his head out the front window.
  • Get compliments on how pretty and well-behaved he is.
  • Bemoan the blond dog hairs and doggie smell now in my car.
  • Oust car to death.
  • Take Kona on our mini-mile run to park.
  • Bemoan how much faster he is than me.
  • Enjoy life with RGP contact lenses.
  • Curse the entire time I'm putting them in.
  • Get dressed.
  • Get made up.
  • Admire Luis's fabulous job on my TV-anchor worthy hair.
  • Blog.
  • Smile the whole time.

I'm still struggling with the bronchitis - but, I suppose there is more than one -itis out there that is far worse. Also, while I'm very happy to have my running partner back, I'm still pissed that Kona is twice as fast as I am (that fucker), but I strongly suspect there is an equation here somewhere involving his having 1/4 my age, 1/3 my weight and double the legs. (Where is a rules official when you need one?)

Where w equals weight, l equals legs and a equals age, solve for x:

1/3w x 1/4a x 2l = x

P.S. - Check out one of my new favorite blogs, Run Bitch Run!

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

So, what are you saying? If I want a running partner my speed I need to get a Basset Hound? :-)

Molly said...

LOL My dogs are faster than me too, but I think I can go for longer than they can. Or so I hope :)