The -itis

When one of us eats something really rich, especially when we eat too much of it, my friend Luis uses the expression, "I've got the -itis." The-itis is that disgusting feeling of whatever you just consumed swirling around in your belly, gurgling and bloating and trying to digest itself and possibly trying to escape.

Well, I've got the -itis, but maybe not the way Luis intended for that expression to be used.

I'm on my second course of antibiotics - this time, 10 days of 2 pills per day, not just a little Z-Pack. I think it's both bronchitis and sinusitis, but no one is really sure. No one will really tell me. It seems that the doctors don't really like to give it to you straight. Personally, I think that the -itis(es) hit me because my mind shut down, and my body responded by shutting down as well. Maybe I'm oversimplifying or, conversely, overexaggerating the mind-body connection. But, either way, let's suffice it to say I broke the cardinal rule of training by running 4 times in a row with the -itis in my chest. Did that make it worse? Who knows. No one will tell me. All I know is, Miami Man is out and I need to defer and then deal with the ensuing dissapointing conversation with Senor Hector.

I've also got the emotional -itis. It's a disgusting feeling of whatever is going on inside and outside of me, swirling around in my belly, gurgling and bloating and trying to digest itself and possibly trying to escape. I think this is as much of a factor in my deferring Miami Man as the physical -itis(es). School is getting to me, work is getting to me, home is getting to me. In fact, I've been seriously debating a move out of state next year. I've learned that the heat is really having a negative impact on my health, and until I get all of that straight I can't function like a normal human being. There's just so much to consider, and I'm praying for a sign, any kind of sign, that will help me make my decision. And then, every time I get close to making part of a decision, another decision pops up in my face and forces itself to be made. One of my friends says , "make your list and knock whatever you can off the list. It will make you feel accomplished."

He forgets that I'm the kinda girl who doesn't feel accomplished unless I knock out the whole list.

So I'm gonna go back to the philosophy I enacted at the beginning of this year, which is also kind of the point of my blog "quote." I'm not the world's most religious person, but I was raised in a family that did regular bible study as a kid and I did a lot of religious study before I switched to Psychology, so I am one of those people that can pull random bible, Torah, Koran, Taoist quotes out of my hoo-ha. The one I'm relying heavily on right now is (pp), "Don't worry about tomorrow - tomorrow will take care of itself."

And that's how I'm gonna take it. Like eating an elephant. Like dealing with the -itis. One bite (or day) at a time.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

In life, the list is never ending, chica! That's why we take this one bite at at time ;-)

Hope you feel better!!

Luis said...

Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you're gonna get unless you get Godiva which comes with a manual... Iscumtaya. I hope that makes you feel better...I did for me LOL