I Kinda Lost My Mojo - but It's Really Not That Serious

. . . blogging, that is.

Tonight was a baby brick, supposed to be 30/15 but I made it 30/7. I'll take it as the average speed of the ride was 19mph, not bad considering my hiatus.

Tomorrow: 3-4mi run/

Saturday is going to be busy. I'm going to tryyy to go to yoga, go home and pack some clothes for a fun night out, then head to Lake Cane for my 2k lap of the annual world record relay swim and volunteer. Check out last year's at www.luckyslakeswim.com or this year's at www.worldrecordswim.com

Then I'm going out to celebrate It's Really Not That Serious Day. You see, every day around 10am, one of my friends gets an e-mail from me and another one of my friends. The email we write him - and yes, it's so generic that it could come from either of us - always sounds something like:

"This place makes my soul ache/is making me bipolar/I hate my job."
"I want to go home/not to school."
"I want to jump off a bridge/shoot myself/stick my head in an oven."

At any given time, his response will invariably be one of these two things:

"It's almost over."
"It's really not that serious."

So, in honor of his two favorite sayings, I'm dubbing this Saturday, September 13th "It's Really Not That Serious" Day. In fact, like the month of November is the International Month of Fabulousness (because only Fab people were born then . . . .duh!IMOF! R U?), September is official It's Really Not That Serious month. (December will be It's Almost Over.)

I think we tend to take life way too seriously. And it's really not that serious. Relationships are not that serious. Pain is not that serious.Work is not that serious. Partying is not that serious.


Because they all eventually end. They're all, always, almost over.

I'm not saying we should just give up on everything in our lives - because life is fleeting and love is fleeting, but we need to appreciate them. (Yes, I'm guilty of pulling an f-and-run or making light of love and pain both, but, since I've been alone, I sleep with about 17 pillows, so obviously even I need something.) I'm not saying we should reject anything deep and meaningful. If it hadn't been for my friends, I wouldn't have made it through the past few years.

What I'm saying is that we spend way too much time overanalyzing, lingering in and dragging along all of our emotions and our analyses of our emotions. And you know what we could be doing with all that time?


So Saturday's going to be the Official Day to do nothing but everything I want to do. And I plan on spending the rest of the month doing anything that's Really Not That Serious.

Because it isn't.

And It's Almost Over.

In the mean time, there's sleep, because I also have to ponder shares I was offered in my company as well as homework for the weekend.

Oh, yeah ... And think about an Ironman.


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Tea said...

I'm sorry I've missed your posts! For some reason, they weren't showing up in my reader until today.