Train(wreck)ing update

Ok, maybe I was just a *touch* grumpy this morning. I had a gigundous laugh session with my other coworkers this afternoon, which seemed to make me feel much better. Also, some times when I read my blogs, often long after they're posted, I realize little things. Like how much I wish I fit in better, and how I never could until I grow a thicker skin.

Today's epiphany: no matter how bad I have it, someone else has it worse.

This week I've had no training, but between the storm, the puppy and life getting in the way, I'm not shocked or upset. Last week's walk/run rocked, and I'm going to try to get in a run and a swim this weekend. My goal is to be training again by Monday. Considering that I wasn't supposed to do anything strenuous until after tomorrow, I'm calling last week's run- and will call anything done in the coming two weeks - a victory.

And then it's back to the grind.....with a completely new approach.

For one: three sports? Three races. Multisport training, bricks of course, but more single-sport events.

And Miami Man is in November.....

And I may do a February Marathon....

And then I think I'm going to sign up for my first Ironman..... FL or AZ 2009.

Back to school next week, and the poopy puppy goes to the ortho-doc (I hope). I found out my Monday class was cancelled, so I have to sub another one. The good news is, the class I can take is with a prof I really like and have had twice before.

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