Ok, ok - when it rains, it pours - aka Let it Go Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so . . . reading my blog last night . . . I realized how grumpy, bitter and angry I sound. (Wow, like that's anything new.) But I promise I'm really writing most of this with tongue in cheek.

Except for what follows. All of this was written with 100% gravity (yes, that's a complete disregard for grammatical correctness - no, I don't care).

Prologue . . .
I was about to launch into this really nice blog about how the flood damage on my wood floors wasn't really that bad and my phone wasn't completely broken, and how, despite that and the puppy's potentially pending surgery (yes, that's another complete disregard for grammatical correctness - and I still don't care) I was feeling refreshingly positive. Driving down the road on the way to work, I thought to myself: "This is really no big deal, because, regardless of anything I've been through, I still have my family and friends. And really, that's all that matters." {To paraphrase Tea, if they're not with you during the bad times, they're not friends - they're something else.}

Now, keep in mind, I HATE blogging about work. But I'm at the point where my giveadamn is broken, my giveashit is nonexistent, and my giveafuck is right behind them.

Rant, Part Uno
Yesterday I got an email from my former recruiter, in response to my request to re-recruit me, which was a very tasteful little email explaining that things were, just as I had expected, not a great fit at current company. I explained that my bosses did not know but that I wanted to start shopping around. (I figured I didn't need to lower my class or intelligence level by adding" . . . in case I have to go off on these m'f'ers and I accidentally get arrested on felony charges.") His response?

"I'm sorry things aren't what you expected. Have you talked to anyone about this?"


What part of "things are what I expected" and "no one knows" didn't you get, douchebag?!!??!

I'll recruit myself, thankyouveryfuckingmuch. And I almost wrote back and told him so. (Don't worry - I still have a modicum of self-restraint left.)

Rant, Part Deux . . .
I walked in this morning to find out that one of my poor co-workers has had no power since last night and was waiting for it to be turned back on so she could come in (also, her baby-sitter had no power and hadn't come over and her husband was at work, so she couldn't leave her baby alone). Now, during Charlie, Francis, Jean and Ivan (the sum of which caused me less damage than this single tropical f'ing storm has caused), we had power loss for days and weeks. But everyone I know came in late, or not at all, the first few days, because they all thought the condition was temporary. After that, everyone just came in - because, really, what else could they do? But this is the first major day of power loss, and this storm is much worse for the Northeast side of town than for anyone else. So, my other co-worker gives my late coworker's message to my VP of HR (or VB of CR, as I call her - and I'll let you try to figure out what the letters stand for.

Guess what the VB says?

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?


"I lost power last night, and I'm here."

Since when does losing power for a few minutes or even hours (in the wealthiest zip code in town, with some of the best-built homes, I might add) equate to being without it for almost a day? At the point of this call, the co-worker hadn't even gotten power back. VP appears to have done makeup and hair impeccably, which usually requires light, which usually requires power. And, even if that's not the case, doesn't this bitch remember what it's like to be in your 20s or 30s with kids?

HUMAN resources, my ass. As Tara remarked, though, most people in human resources are neither human nor resourceful.

Stick a fork in me, bitches. I'm done.

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Tribrit said...

Ha, we had flood damage to our wood floors due to a burst water heater the night before Fay!! I will be spending the run up to Nations supervising my wall and floor being replaced - not quite ewhat I was planning!!

Ha, ha, your word verification was ubark!!