The Megg-Run-Run-Run . . .

This has been the most runningest, least swimmingest week EVER. Kind of by accident. I am focusing on bike this week, so most of my cycling has been on the trainer, but there's a lot of running and I'm doing a new thing I haven't ever done before in my run training: cadence. I aim for 21+ foot strikes every 15 seconds. The odd thing is, keeping my foot turnover high seems to keep my legs faster without raising my HR as much. The other odd thing is, I just can't seem to get my HR above 160BPM unless I'm near death. Damn low heart rate.

Sunday I had an easy 60-minute spin.
Monday I was supposed to swim and do weights, but I had the gas can incident.
Tuesday I ran (cadence, zone 1) and spun. Spinning: another new thing on the trainer - STOMP sets. Where, instead of spinning, you put it in a really big gear and use your lower body to STOMP all the way through the pedal stroke.
Wednesday I ran - accelerations (damn heart rate) . . . . . I was supposed to swim again, but the pool was closed all night for lightning. Blah.
Tonight I spin and (guess what?) run.
Tomorrow I rest.
Saturday I swim and (go out on a limb here) run.
Sunday I (yet again) run and do strength.

I'm wondering if it'll kill me to sneak in a swim tomorrow . . .

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Wes said...

I've been thinking about picking up one of those metronomes to help with my running cadence. LOL!!! I want to get the swim one so I can use it for both swimming and running.

Aren't you coached? Sneaking in stuff is a baaaaad idea ;-)