Just Call Me Murphy, Part 4

Ok, so if this hasn't been a couple weeks of mishaps, I don't know what has. In the past month:

My ATM card for my new bank account got lost in the mail.
My new driver's license with my corrected address got lost in the mail.
A traffic ticket I didn't know I had got lost in the mail. (This was particularly exciting. They threatened to suspend my license for alleged nonpayment of a 75-cent toll, although my E-Pass account was current and I never received the citation !!!@@@?????)
My internet stopped working for 3 weeks. (The provider refuses to give me a credit for any of this time period, even though they made 2 service calls - which they also charged me for - and didn't fix it.)
My computer was in to be fixed (for repairs it didn't need) for almost a week (thanks to internet provider, who suggested it was my computer.)
My COFFEE MAKER stopped working. (Anyone who knows me knows how important it is for me to have my JAVA.)
My washing machine broke. (I'm only slightly less partial to clean clothes than I am to coffee.)
My footpod on my Polar SD 200 won't calibrate.
I found out that my eyesight has worsened exponentially and I now need glasses to drive.
I ran out of gas.
Sherpa went to the hospital twice and probably has an ulcer. He then got in a fight with his boss because his boss didn't believe he was ill, even with his doctor's notes. (Imagine how his ulcer reacted?)
Lightning crossed at least 3 workouts off my schedule.
I lost (then found) the combo for my gym locker and had a chicken biscuit binge for breakfast one morning when I saw a particularly bad (POST-weight-loss) pic of myself on a friend's MySpace. (First thought: if I look that bad NOW, how bad did I look THEN!>!>?!?! Second thought: how the F*&J does junk food help you NOT look fat in pictures?!?!?!)

I was pretty bummed on and off . . . so many disturbing life changes, both good and bad...trying so hard to get settled . . . but even with all this going on, I have completed 60-80% of my planned training every week since FL HIM and I JUST had my first real "bad spell" last night. {Admittedly, it was pretty bad, chest pains and the whole nine, but the docs keep telling me I'm not gonna die and to keep on trucking.} And I am losing weight since I've been eating more, despite the binge. And I do have a pretty awesome job. And Sherpa is looking for a better one.

Roll with it, baby.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

Amen sista! If you can't beat'em... make'em work hard!

CCP said...

Keep your head up! You're doing grand.

Alili said...

Breath and roll, maj.

todd said...

I stubbed my toe. That hurt like a mother effer.