I'M HUNGRY but I'm Not

Tonight's run was about 4.5 miles past the cemetery. I got a new toy: a metronome. It's red and snazzy and it clips onto me. I set it for about 85 BPM when I want to run in zones 1-2. It really, really helps. No walking necessary to even out HR because listening to the cadence allows me to keep my gait in check even if I have to slow the rest of my body down and teaches me faster turnover on my legs. I'm staying on my toes/center of my feet more, bouncing a little but my legs are more used to it. They weren't quite so heavy tonight.

Got rained out on the bike so hit the trainer . . . little less than an hour ride. I have a HARD TIME getting my HR up on the bike. I could be pushing up a hill with a 9% grade and I'd be lucky to get into the 160s. Zone 1 is up to 147BPM for me, and I have to tell you, 147BPM is REALLY HURTING MYSELF. Like, practically dying. Same with the swim - although a few flip turns and I can be at 134, which is the high end of my zones, which is why I don't really bother practicing them even though I suck major *(%& at them. The run is the ONLY place I can get up to 180+BPM. (That's killing-myself-pace too, though).

Weird, when I run through the cemetery I always think of the graveyard at mom's and feel at peace.

I seem to be shorting myself calories still, maybe like 300-700 per day. I'm starving when I sit down to eat and I know my body is crying for them but I just can't eat them all. I'm hungry, but I'm not hungry enough to get that extra punch of cals in. Another thing: I get a lot of protein, but mostly from fattier sources it appears, which throws my fat % up. However, my overall percentage for the past month is 62% carbs, 13% fat and 24% protein, which I'm calling a damn good try for my first month of logging my food by perentages vs. by "points" or straight "calories and fat grams."

Do I have a goal for this weekend's race, by the way? Errrr . . . not really. To learn to push harder on sprints and finally get under the 2-hour mark. I'd like to do a 15 swim (sprint swim PR is 17 and change), 40-45 ride(sprint PR is a little over an hour) and 35-40 run (PR is 44 mins for a triathlon 5k). I don't see that happening, so I'll settle for getting under 2 hours.

On the shedyool for tomorrow: a 4500 yd swim. (Yes, you read that right. 4500. There's no way it can be done in the morning, so it better not lightning tomorrow night. It'll take me 2hrs, and even if the Y opened at 5 instead of 5:30, that wouldn't give me time to work out AND get to work.) But that's it. One workout.


2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Oh man, those 4500m swims are TOUGH. I'd be there for over 2 hours. But there's also the satisfaction of knowing that you can get through it.

That in itself is pretty darn cool.

CCP said...

I'm with you on the HR thing. I have a really hard time getting it up while riding. Running, it is cake to kick it up.