Rankings Spanking

So, today I'm renewing my USAT membership (for two years this time, thank you very much), and I decide to pull my overall rankings for 2007. Now, this is kind of silly, because I'm only in my second year in this sport and my third year into racing of any kind. But I figure, why the hell not? Maybe it'll give me a good idea of what my rankings look like compared to some real triathletes.

At first, I figure it's going to suck, because only 3 out of my 5 attempted races were sanctioned, 1 was DNF'd, and I was in the bottom 2/3 of all of them. But it isn't as bad as I expect: I placed 2930 out of 3090 in the country in my age group/gender. My coach is ranked in the 90's in her division/gender; my race mentor, about 75. I'm in the 50's. So, it seems clear that the jump to the next level is not terribly far - only about 25 points or so.

Until I look at all the women in the state. In Florida, I'm 1967/2174, while IronDawn is 331/2174. Ouch. I have a long way to go.

Bring the pain!!

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