Let's Talk Turkey aka The Sack-Up Report, Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen:

I am alive and kicking. And no, Jayme . . . I didn't turn into a reality show gone horribly wrong. (LOL!) Actually, quite the opposite. Since my last post, almost 2 weeks ago, there has been a lot of excitement at Chez MAJ. A little of it sad, most all of it good. I am actually sucking some valuable time away from work to update you all on the latest, but it's well worth it because the news is just that good!!

As you may or may not know, I am now officially registered for St. Anthony's Triathlon in April. I'm also FINALLY caught up on my rest from Philly. The semester is over - although I sign up for next semester already on Thursday! - and the paper I stressed about earned me a 97, which should get me an A in the class. My boss is already asking me to publish my work as a white paper for the industry - and being published before I even start grad school will look GREAT on my doctoral school applications! My month of birthday-related partying is also over.

Since Philly, my workouts have been regular, short and spare - at first by accident, then by design. I run 2-3 times a week, 4-5 miles per run. Times are relatively strong. Runs feel great. This week is my last week of recovery - since I have been so lazy I am chopping recovery off a week short. Well, there's another reason too . . .

There are four big things I was hoping to accomplish before the year was out (besides making deadlines at work and finishing that research paper). They were as follows: get a place of my own, finalize my divorce, hire a trainer for FL Half Ironman and join a tri club.

I am going tonight to finish paperwork on a beautiful townhome of my very own, which I will move into around January/February - right around when the divorce should be final. The community is in riding distance from one of the longest bike trails in the area, 5 minutes from a Y, and 10 minutes from the cleanest lake in the city. It is also 35 minutes from the beach for ocean swim practice. And yes, these were requirements of the location before I decided to purchase! My realtor knows I'm a triathlete. There is also a short trail inside the community for those early-morning short runs where I need light and a safe place to knock out a few miles. (Of course, I also work 5 minutes from the YMCA Aquatic Center and one of the other cleanest lakes in the city.) I am just waiting on the financing to come through, so wish me luck.

This week I am joining the Central Florida Tri Club and my official workouts with them will begin next week. That knocks out both coach and club goals. I'm going to work out with them Saturday.

And now, you have the exceptionally abridged version of Tales From the Life of Megganisha.

More to follow!!

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

Yeah! She's back!

I love all the goal hitting and the move sounds just excellent. Have you thought about working with Liz? I *heart* her and she's completely converted my training from something dread inspired and dripping with obligation to something I look forward to. It's a thought!

Welcome back!

Tea said...

Where'd you go? DUDE...it's been like 10 freakin days.