Big Up to Everyone Who Raced This Season

This post has nothing to do with me. It's a WELL-DESERVED shout-out to all my pals who raced this season.

Just this weekend, Tea completed the Denver Marathon after a lengthy season of tri training. My friends Chris and Heather did their (1st for Chris, 2nd for Heather) sprint tris - the Emerald Coast Triathlon in Panama City Beach, FL. (Trying to get them blogging . . .) BOTH of them beat the time of my first sprint even though my training was far more intense and structured (those RATS!) Natalie is getting ready for New York, a bunch of the V-Teamers and my friend Mike Prince tried (some finished) what was a heartbreaking, record-making year for LBCM. Andy is training for IMFL, Duane is knocking out races as he knocks down the numbers on the scale. Jayme made her Ironman debut. Todd made his triathlon debut (please don't give up, Todd!)

To anyone else I forgot (and I'm sorry if I did, and I'm searching for more race plans/results now), I just want to tell you all congratulations for pulling through. It's been a long season for every single one of us. On the way, you have battled illnesses, held down jobs, entered doctoral programs, raised children, found out that you're becoming parents, struggled with your demons, and crossed the finish line multiple times. Through good training weeks and bad training weeks, through laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy, you've persevered. You've pulled muscles, missed goals, and learned more about yourselves along the way than you probably really wanted to know. And, as it comes to a close, it's nice to see all of you do well for yourseleves. Be proud of all you have (mentally and physically) accomplished!

Mucho love! Here's to the close of the season. May you all make almost as many PR's as you've made friends!

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Thanks for the shout out!