And the Downward Spiral Continues . . . .

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside . . ."
(If you're not old enough to know where that comes from, I can't help ya.)

The show that never ends, of course, is the saga we like to call my life.

I had all these high-fallutin' expectations when I started a training blog. I thought: this is great, this is swell, this is a place I can blog about all my training and keep myself on track and do a great job and keep my personal life out of it and it's going to be fa-n-tib-ulous. Well, kids, fa-n-tib-ulous it is not. My personal life is getting into it, and my personal life, as it has a tendency to do, is taking the fuck over. Why can't my personal life get a life?

And why does my personal life have such an attitude problem?

Hang on, I have to down a handful of pills.
Mmmmm, tasty.

K, back. Popeye was once quoted as saying, "Iyam what Iyam." (Kids, this is when you know you're on a downward spiral; when you've fallen to quoting Popeye.) Well, Iyam tired. And Iyam unfocused. And Iyam rapidly losing a grip on my training. And Iyam thinking that Iyam not going to be able to run Philly.
I go to the sleep doctor this morning. I'm pretty much in tears. "I can't run," I tell him. "I either have doctor's appointments or I'm exhausted at night, and I go to school Monday and Wednesday. That leaves morning, and I can't wake up in the morning. I'm a triathlete. I run marathons. I have to be able to train." He tells me, "There's nothing we can do for you. Your cardiologist doesn't want you on Provigil because it's too much of a stimulant. Your sleep test results indicate hypersomnolance (excessive sleepiness) but no real cause. We can ask your cardiologist if he'll let you go on Provigil 100mg instead of 100mg. But that's about it. Sorry."
Yeah. Sorry. Me fucking too buddy.

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