2007-2009 Goals

In the spirit of IM Able (declaration of intent here), and while thinking of Tea (20% undertraining is better than 1% overtraining), I thought I'd scratch all my grouchy, half-assed posting from yesterday and instead share with you the "Goals Sheet" I made for myself last week.
But the grumps took over. My average blood pressure the past few days has been 80-something over 40-50something. Yeah, I'm basically dead. I know, because I feel like it. Trying to stay "up" or "on" for 8 hours? Forget it. Trying to focus? Really forget it. Trying to lift weights? Oh, fucking PLEASE, forget it. (Although somehow I've still managed to crank out a whole bunch of work and my boss is very pleased. Tell me how my 10-20% is someone else's 80-100%??? How is that even possible?) Tonight there is a networking function for work, and I'd really like to go, but it requires me to change shirts and be "on" for about 3 hours. I do have the entire day off tomorrow, because tomorrow afternoon I'm driving to Jax for the Marine Corps Half, and my derm appointment is late (shut up, 9:30am is late), so I could sleep in the morning. But still.

Speaking of Ze Half, wonder how that's going to go over after a week of no running, coming down off a 15-18 mi week? Ugh. Plus bleh. And argh. I wasn't too worried about it until today. Today I'm feeling pretty craptacular. But undertraining and a good taper seem to do my body good, and I'm hoping the burst of racing will throw me back into the training ring while pumping my heart rate and BP back up to a healthy level. I do see my cardio in a couple weeks, so I can ask questions then about the icky spells I've been having. (I see a special arrhythmia dude at the Orlando Heart Center's Cardiac Arrhythmia Center).

I really need to pull it together before Philly. Ok, ok, let's just do a lil' bit o' goal-ing before I outgrump myself.

General Life Goals

  • Be more authentic
  • Get in touch with my inner philanthropist
  • Become more balanced; veer away from extremes
  • Health Goals

    • Fewer dizzy spells, less headaches, less sleepiness, less meds, lower cholesterol, higher BP
    Fitness Goals

    • Do an Ironman
    • Do headstands in yoga
    • Consistently place in top 30% of my age group
    • Run single-digit per-mile times in all short road races (13.1 mi or shorter)
    Education Goals

    • Get my PhD

    Career Goals

    • Find some way to connect sports, philanthropy, and love of education - this one may be easier than you can imagine. I think I might get my PhD in Sports Psychology, earn holistic nutrition certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and cater as a holistic physical/mental/emotional counselor to triathletes, runners and golfers.

    Now, there is a ginormous excel spreadsheet of all of this, but until I figure out how to link it, you can't see it. I have a couple of questions for each goal: what does this mean to me? what will I gain from it? what will I have to sacrifice? what are my milestones? and milestone dates? So, I won't bore you with those details, but great-jumping-Jesus-on-a-pogo-stick, (please don't be offended), I am going to be busy for the next 10-15 years.

    Well, let's deal with the immediate: the half. Any time of 2:40 or less will make me happy. (Fuckit, finishing will make me happy, but that's my time goal when I do finish.)

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    Dances with Corgis said...

    Ooh headstands in yoga would be awesome. I also like the "be more authentic" goal. You're brave for putting these out there like this! Now I am going to harrass you "have you done the headstand yet?"