The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Meggan, Part Deux

Thanks, everyone, for the great comments on my training plan. I honestly didn't think anyone would sit through that. I put it up mostly to keep myself honest and on-track. You guys ROCK! P.S. - I am taking some of your advice and lightening my "shedjool" a bit.

Nonetheless, I bet you can guess what happened to me this morning.

Yup, I overslept . . . again.

You know what makes me the angriest about this? It's out of my control. Last year when I did my first half, I was undertrained because of my injury and the beginnings of the manifestation of the conditions I discovered this year. (Tongue twister much?) I felt so confident coming out of my Oly that I would just dive right into the half and into Philly with very little concern. This year, I will have a different experience, I swore. And, though I'm not intimidated by the half - my weekly mileage on a regular basis pre-Oly was close to 20 and I'm already back to 3 runs a week - I was hoping to be better-trained. You know, maybe PR. Not hurt so much. Not have to walk. Not get injured again. Instead I missed the entire week of class because the day poops me out too much.


Oh, to be normal and for sheer laziness to be my problem . . . but it's not. So I feel guilty for not hitting my workouts, and then I feel guilty for not cutting myself a break because it's not my fault, and then I feel helpless because it's not my fault.


Oh, to be a normal triathlete.

Wait a minute . . . is there a such thing?

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FunFitandHappy said...

I'm pretty certain that the words "normal" and "triathlete" don't belong together.....