My triathlon idiot days and death by amoebas

Since I'm only blogging every few days and working part time, I feel like I have so much more to say. So here's another two'fer.

Not long ago, I was a triathlon idiot. Do you remember those days? Did you ever have those days? For me, they were not long ago. I remember only last year, when I thought that Iron and Half Iron were the only triathlon distances. I remember being terrified by the thought of forgetting things in transition - I remember not knowing what to have in transition! I remember Dawn warning me that I couldn't jump right into Half Iron distance because I'd be anaerobic the whole time and it wasn't just like running. All I knew was, I used to run, bike and swim all the time and I never knew I could do it in a race alongside the fast people. It made me realize how far I've come. My PT asked me the other day, "Wow, Olympic distance? Why not just do a sprint?" There was some shock on her face. Then I told her I'd already done two sprints and two super sprints and that the Oly would be my 5th. There is a little shock on my face, too . . . . every time I say it. "You must be really proud of yourself," she grinned. "I would be," I retorted, "If I were faster!"

I don't know how well you follow the news in Florida, but there have been some cases of people getting really sick in freshwater lakes because they're swimming without nose plugs and amoebas are getting in their noses and going into their brains. It's been one of the hottest summers we've had in years, so temperatures are high and certain types of organisms aren't dying like they should. Some kid died here in Orlando, so people are all over me to get a nose plug. Anyway, it hit me while I was on my way to get a nose plug that I really ought to rest tonight. I'm pooped. Maybe I should skip one workout and make sure I'm not overtraining. My sleep hasn't been good the last few nights . . . I lie down when I start getting sleepy, but then I either don't fall asleep or I wake up during the night.

So my plan is to go home, take a nap, and see what happens. Maybe I'll go to yoga . . . maybe I'll just relax.

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todd said...

So...what did you decide?

Triathlon idiot? I see you've read my blog...