WEEK 9, DAY 3: I wasn't planning on tapering for a SPRINT

Remember how I said I neeeded to get mad? Well, I could not be more PISSED right now. I have been sick for THREE DAYS now. Home from work all of two and half of one. Worst "spell" I've had in months.


I ran three miles and had to skip workout number 2, but I didn't think I'd have to skip BOTH workouts today. This is NOT AT ALL what I had planned. I hadn't planned on tapering for a race this short and I certainly hadn't planned on getting sick the week of a race. I slept nearly all day today. It could be my PACs and PVCs, but it's probably my NCS and my vestibular problem. Oh, and I'm sure the fact that I'm borderline narcoleptic and my personal life is falling apart doesn't hurt either.

I was really pissed when I wrote this, but then I started to realize that most training plans suggest 2-3 days off the week of a sprint triathlon anyway. So, following that theory, as long as I get in 1 of each workout this week. And I'm guaranteed to do that because I've run already, I have a small brick the day before the race, so all I'd have to do is a swim.

Got to save my energy for the race. Got to find a reason to keep on keepin' on.

*Sigh.* Better now than the week of the Oly! Of course, that thought opens doors I don't even want to knock on, let alone enter.

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2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Listen to your body because if you don't it will KICK YOUR ASS.

It doesn't matter what you were planning. Your body needed the rest.

In meantime, I suspect you are going to have ONE HECK of a race. I cannot wait to hear about it. Remember, leave nothing on the course.

todd said...

Rest up. Feel better. I have a feeling you're gonna do great!