WEEK 9, DAY 2, PART 2: Rest

Home sick again from work. I want to conserve my energy for the race, so I'm going to stick with one workout a day as much as humanly possible. So I am going to sleep tonight and see what happens again tomorrow.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

The Stretch Doc said...

nice blog..
linked over from 1happyathlete..

rest up and get ready to kick it for your race!

rockon`...i'll be back

Tea said...

MegganAnn, I suspect it's in the warm up time. If you didn't warm up ahead of time, then your run was your "warm up" and that's why your last mile felt so much easier.

Now if you did warm up...well then, ummm....umm...

That's why I'm bad at sprints...I hate warming up. :)