Blackjack. You know, 21.

Miles, I mean. In the rain. On a road bike. With slicks. And aerobars. With floating contacts. In about an hour and forty minutes. Not fast, but not bad either. It was a productive night.
This morning's workout was a 4 mile run. Not so productive. Right leg was really sore. So I followed my "walk most of the first mile, less on consecutive miles, until you're running the entire final mile" plan. It went great after that, but still finished really slow.

Either I'm really committed, or I should be committed.

This is the last week before "Marathon Crossover," or the point where my distances on all my runs should be at least as great as the distances that will carry me into marathon training following the completion of my August tri. I've decided it might be wise to also consult a nutritionist. As soon as the new insurance kicks in, I'll also be working with a physical therapist on the foot/toe muscle shortage issue.

Tomorrow's workouts are a 2-3 mile repeat/interval run and a 1k openwater swim. I may do them together so I don't have to run home and work out at lunch, since tomorrow evening is occpuied.

I know everyone's tired of hearing me whine; frankly, so am I. I've let my health get me down for way too long. I've let my life get me down for way too long. I haven't been dealt an easy hand and it isn't going to get easier. But, from now on, there's nothing I can't conquer with a strong will and an open heart. It's guaranteed: when either one fails me, the other will be there to pick up the slack. And when I'm working both? Who knows what could happen.

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