WEEK 4, DAY 2: First double day (run AM bike PM)

Today was my first day of double workouts. This morning I ran 2.5 miles (not a shabby pace, about 27 minutes, still not fast but respectable). This afternoon I biked 10 miles in 37:30 (a 16-mph pace - again, not too fast but not shabby.) I did have Zaxby's for lunch, but we can't do everything perfectly all in one day, right? I would guess I burned about 700 calories today which is enough to burn off my dinner and at least keep the Zax attack from totally slowing me down.

The Skinny Bitch Project and Project No Woman No Walk are going strong, but I have to remember: this part is easy cheesy. In about a week or two I'm going to start gagging at the thought of double workout days and rolling my eyes at the alarm clock when it goes off at 6am. That's when I'm going to have to . . . yes . . . I'm gonna say it again . . . for the 50th time . . . do like Gladys says and USE MY IMAGINATION to KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!

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