WEEK 4, DAY 5 TRAINING: Coaching and Bricks

I rested yeterday and it was actually a scheduled rest. Today was my "super" workout day. AM was a swim/run workout with the group from www.tritraining.net. 4 Repeats of swim/run intervals. Mine were: 400mswim, 1 mi run; 400m swim, .5 mi run, 200 m swim, .5 run; 200m swim, .5 run; 100 meter cooldown swim.

Tonight I rode 1 (almost 12) miles at a pace of over 12mph and then ran 1 mile (easy, no pacing.timing). I'm wiped but it was a great day.

Tomorrow I only have a ride scheduled, 15-20 miles, although I may hit golf balls in the morning with the boys. We'll see. Don't want to overdo it, but I am starting to feel like ME again.

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