WEEK 1 DAY 3: I AM BACK PRing *AND* 1st brick!!!!!

I didn't exactly plan for today to be my first brick, but I drank too much absynthe at N8's last night and I really needed to go get my car. So, I slapped my tri shoes and my jersey on, shoved my running gear in one of my race packs, and went down to get it. Al has the bike rack, but I needed to learn how different taking off the front tire was on road bike versus my mountain bike. (And now I can't get the lever down since I put the front tyre back on . .. but I digress).
Anyway, I religiously follow this advice from Dawn: always, always, ALWAYS do a short run after a ride. Joe Friel suggests it after long workouts when training for Iron distance, but Dawn's adaptation disregards distance and is practical for the shorter-distance athlete. It has helped me immensely - I would say it's the single greatest advice I've had since I started tri training. So, I popped the bike in the car, slapped on my sneakers and went for my daily one-miler. And, what do you know - after the couple of miles I biked, I actually made myself a new "return" PR for the mile: 10:56!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, keeping in mind that my all-time one-mile PR is 8:35, this is not earth-shattering, but after all I've gone through, this IS earth-shattering. Especially since I got drunk last night. Although getting drunk for me is easy now since I've been off the booze because of the illnessses . . . but again, I digress.
The rest of this week I have one-milers scheduled, and nothing more than 3 miles until I get to the middle of the month when I find out about the NY Marathon lottery. I want to hold steady with my shorter distances, do what I didn't do the first time and hit some 1-3 mile PRs before I start to go long. My two goals are to get back to an 8:35 or less 1-mile and get into the single digits for a 5k.

I have also decided that, if I don't make New York, I'm doing Chicagoland.

This was such a breakthrough week for me. This has been the best week I've had in about a year. When I started getting sick,I felt almost like another person inhabited my body, someone negative and ill and feeble. My being unable to run or compete made that worse. Now that I'm feeling good enough to even do a little teeny workout, I'm starting to feel like me again.

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