2 WEEKS TILL NEW YORK LOTTERY: I did it for Dawnie D!

This morning was the first time I ran in over a month. Since the inner ear problem, swimming and running have been a virtual impossibility. But after a few weeks of almost complete rest, after about a week of finally starting to feel better, I knew it was time to get back on the horse. I just couldn't decide how much or what to do.

So I thought about what Dawn has told me, and what Hal Higdon has told me, and I planned conservatively. In the morning, I told myself, I will go one half mile. Even if all I do is walk it, I will make it one half mile. If I feel better, I will allow myself a mile and no more.

This morning, I go out to do my half mile, but I set my Nike+ system for one full mile. I fully planned to stop at the halfway point. And if I had listened to my brain at 3/10 mile, I would have - I was feeling that familiar, wheezy, haven't-run-in-a-while crampiness. But in my head I heard Dawn say to me, if you just keep pushing through the pain, you'll break through to the other side. And I heard her say, "If you stop to walk, you give yourself permission to quit."But I also heard a voice say, "Listen to your body - you feel really good today."

So I went the entire mile. I walked a little extra, but my one-mile time was 11:37. Far cry from the 8:35 one-mile I did a few months ago, but for no prep, no training, and at least 9 weeks of no running, I was happy . . . for me it was like starting all over again, and most people don't start out runnning in the 11s (more like 12, 13, 14 even).

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