Break On Through to the Other Side

It seems like just yesterday I was too busy to really blog because I was finishing grad school.  Every time I'd have a thought or two to share, this song would play in my head:

Break on through to the other side

Then I would think, Sure, I can write about this.  I can blog more when I Break On Through to the Other Side.

Well, about four weeks ago I broke on through and it's taken me four damn weeks to write.  I finished grad school, my degree posted to my transcripts and now I'm just waiting on my diploma. The hard work and isolation paid off, because I finished with almost a 4.0, too. And I pretty much instantly started working on my list of Shit to Do Once I Graduate. I applied to volunteer a few different places (and am already doing an event in a few weeks), I started working on some mini-consulting projects, I went on a celebratory cruise and had several celebratory parties and dinners (remember, this was the first graduation CELEBRATION of my LIFE), I have seen lots of friends, and I started working on ways to see more live music (and have already seen some live sporting events.)

Yes, I've still been feeling crappy on and off. The allergies being under control has made a huge difference.  There are still some pending tests, but I've reconciled myself to the idea that I'm back on the Health Roller Coaster for the time being, and that it may not end until after I've hit clinical remission this coming April, if then.  I've learned to be ok with that again.
And now I can't seem to find the time to blog because I'm busy doing all. Of. The. Things. 

All of The Things also includes training, although as you can imagine the training hasn't been as focused as it has been previously.  But I'm ok with this, too.  The fact that I'm still fitting in 15-20 miles of running a week at this point and doing All of The Things makes me happy. It's a good balance.  This is a good time for the running volume to increase and some of the celebrations to die down.

I'm enjoying life on the other side.

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