I'm Not Gonna Write You a Blues Song

Every now and then it's important to have a blog that has absolutely zero things to do with me.  (Well,  more than every now and then, but still.  It's important.)

This one has nothing to do with me.

This one is because I just know that some people in my life - near in my life, far in my life, tangentially in my life - need some encouragement.  They need some love.

This is for the guy who's got the kick-ass job and the kick-ass degree in the kick-ass city that everyone says oh man, your life must be so cool, but he slaves to death and can't seem to find the time or energy to connect with friends or find the right person.  This is for the girl who can't seem to meet anyone because, despite being witty and pretty and sharp as a tack, she happens to live in a city where people are shallow and flakey; and it's also for the girl who can seem to meet everyone but it never seems to quite work out.  And it's for the people trying to raise their kids, especially if they're doing it alone, in a scary world (especially some states) that is insanely expensive compared to the salary ranges.  And it's for those who are trying to get their dream off the ground - whether that dream is starting school, starting a business, finishing school, finishing a business - because we all know that the real world means you've still got to pay bills and show up for the rest of your life WHILE you're trying to do all of those things.

And - just to be perfectly clear before I go down this next path - the world does not revolve around you.  Frankly, you should be glad it doesn't. You don't want that pressure.  You don't want that responsibility.  You've got enough weight on those two bony, fleshy shoulders of yours.

But being a little tiny piece of a great big world with a lot of challenges and a lot of other people with their own challenges means this:

Sometimes the world gets you down

I mean, it really kicks you in the face. You're doing everything, absolutely everything, you think you can do, and you

still. . .
ain't . . .

Let's not get into the granularity of whether you're doing everything you really could do, because not everyone's brain is creative enough to come up with every last solution known to man.  Let's just suffice it to say that you are doing everything in your power/knowledge.  Let's say by and large you're truly grateful for what you have.  But people are harsh critics and you still can't seem to catch a break.

And even though it sounds an awful lot like it, what I'm NOT gonna do is write you a blue song.

What I AM gonna do is tell you you're not alone.

And the good news about this is that, no matter where you are or how bad it seems or how rough it gets, you should know that someone, somewhere, out there is thinking about you and someone, somewhere, out there is going through what you're going through. 

And the good news about THAT is that you are both gonna make it.

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