What Happens Next?

Well, hello there.

Come here often?

Obviously, I don't.

I swear I've sat down to write about 100 times, and every time something's pulled me away. 

Nevertheless, here I am.  For however short or scattered this may be.

I am only 14 weeks away from graduating.  Hard to believe I started this journey 2 years ago (6 semesters ago) and now I'm at the point where I can speak in terms of mere weeks and 1 single, short semester.  It's certainly been way faster, harder and more enjoyable than undergrad, that's for sure. 

And boy, has a lot happened since then. 

Juggling training, full-time work and full-time classes has been, in a lot of ways, both harder and easier than I expected.  At first I abhorred online classes.  I do a lot of data work, predictive analytics, factor analyses, fun (complex) statistics, and those things are just not easy to grasp when you're self-teaching without being able to raise your hand and ask questions in real time.  While I love, love, LOVE teaching online, learning online myself was a major challenge.

Mom and Dad are doing very well, all things considered. Daddy still has some minor surgery to do but he's waiting until things calm down, and Mom still has a few follow-up tests but otherwise is starting to feel like herself again. 

The Fionas

While we still miss Mr. Arnie terribly, I found a new friend for Girlie. Her name is Fiona and she is an absolute love. She's 3 and I don't know why someone didn't want her. She is a lap hog!  Very mellow and a perfect addition to the house.

We finally discovered that the horrible dizzy spells and fatigue I've been battling since before Halloween of last year (which I've affectionately dubbed The Death(tm)) was actually a giant migraine.  It's probably a topic for another entry about my 10,000 different chronic health issues, but I essentially have been having a 9-month migraine complicated by ear infections, travel, lack of sleep, and stress.  I am now on a daily migraine preventative, plus some small dietary changes.  This is slowly making a substantial difference.  Now instead of an "attack" coming on and knocking me out of all my workouts, work and homework for the day, I can get in at least 1 day of work and homework, or 1 workout and homework, or 1 workout and work (for example), and then feel better the next day after some sleep.

Training is going great.  I completed my first tri of the season. No PRs.  It was a course record - the last time I was at this race it took me 40 minutes longer and I was very sick - but no PRs.  I finished about 50% through the pack.  I had a good time.  Considering I'm just training to train right now, and I also did a 5k a few days before, I was very happy.

So the question on my mind - and the question that everyone has been asking me as grad school draws to a close - is what happens next?

There are some other very big (and good) possible things looming on the horizon.   You will just have to wait and see.

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