Chuck Norris

Fact: when a cop stops MAJ in traffic, he writes himself a ticket.
Fact: the Great Wall of China was originally intended to keep MAJ out.  It failed miserably.
Fact: when MAJ was born, she roundhouse kicked her way out of the womb.

Have you ever heard that expression God only gives us as much as we can handle

Well, I've decided if God only gives us as much as we can handle, then I must be Chuck Norris.

I had just made up my mind what to do with next year's training, but I don't even think I dare share it now because it's completely on hold.

Let's just say some Some Shit Went Down.

Between 800 repeats that seem to suggest I can go WELL under 5 hours in NYC if Bart Yasso and Jack Daniels are right, I am scrounging up every last cent I can find for all these necessities that have become emergencies, facing that ever-present possibility that I may not be able to go to New York.

Soldered phones, projectile kitty poop, uncertain medical news, and piles of unexpected bills: this is the glamorous life I lead.

What makes me mad is that so much of it is "First World Problems" or "Just Normal Priorities."  And I feel a little frustrated with myself that some of this means so much to me. I really miss my friends and being able to see them and have something fun to talk about besides illnesses and pet meds and homework.  

But Chuck Norris doesn't whine or cry about these things.

So that's why I'm keeping this short for now.

I can promise you, whether it's the best birthday gifts I get to be able to keep racing next year and still handle my medical bills, the cats', and all the other crap, I will find a way to keep my sanity and my obligations and still do what I love.  I have said it before . . I am not above creating my own events throughout a year, all the way up to a full marathon. I am sure I could even swindle some people into setting up water stations for me.

Fact:  when the Boogieman goes to bed at night, he checks his closet for MAJ.

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